Motion RPP: When Good Technology meets bad puns

Welcome one and all to the long fabled movie section of Really Pathetic Productios. Until now it was just a thought, a dream perhaps forgotton. Well now you can stop looking at that white blank page and stare in horror at videos that include our Web site updates and other disturbing creations. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Edwards in the Wind: John Edwards Music Video.

The Tiger Man: Tiger Woods Music Video Parody

RPP Video Update 24, Politics and Bad Advice.

Zomby Baby: The first RPP Music Video.

RPP Video Update 23, In Memory of Dan (Albatross)

RPP Video Update 22: Not just for the criminally insane.

RPP Video Update 21: Halloween Spectacular.

RPP Video Update 20: Sean Baggery-00Naughty


Since we have so many Update videos stacking up we will only put the eight most current on the page, to visit the others go to our YouTube playlist at

Feeling X-Masy and it just isn't getting here quick enough? Watch our way late Holiday Special:

You can also see our one and currently only short comedy film (Hex Files: Legend of the Playa Lake Monster) here as well:

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